At E3 Trails we are delighted to offer a range of Trail products to be completed outside of the classroom. Some of our Trails are cultural in focus with the simple aim of enriching your school trip. Others have a modern language focus. After all, what better way to give your students the excitement of learning and using a language than through the engaging medium of a motivating Trail in a place where the language is spoken?


 Using interesting back stories, the Trails encourage students to use a range of skills to complete each adventure. We have created these Trails in a variety of locations and each with a different purpose. The links below will give you more information about each series of Trails.

E3 Trails take young people outside the classroom and put their curiosity to work as they take a walk of discovery in the world beyond those four walls. They are imaginative and innovative, unlocking the potential of structured learning beyond the classroom. They support team-building and co-operation, and are competitive. E3 Trails appeal to a range of learner types and fit well across the age and ability range. Above all, students love them because they are great fun.

"Very well-presented and clear."

The Trails

Seville quest cover.png

"Creative, engaging and appreciated by everybody. The students loved the Trail!"

"The Madrid Quest was our number one activity in Madrid."